St Mary at Finchley Lodge History

The idea for our Lodge came when W. Bro. Albert Pugsley, the organizing Secretary, on behalf of the prospective Founders, wrote to the Grand Secretary on 21st November 1931 with a 'desire to form a Lodge to be held at King Edward Hall, Finchley' proposing the name St Mary at Finchley.

The Consecration duly took place at Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street, London on Wednesday 20th September 1933.

This date is particularly significant as although the Foundation Stone of the Peace Memorial Building was laid in 1927, and the first Lodge meeting was held here in 1931. The celebration of the completion of the building was not held until 1933. The first Quarterly Communications of Grand Lodge were held here on 6th September 1933, just 14 days before our Consecration. So we must have been one of the first Lodges Consecrated in the building after it had been completed and the new Grand Temple dedicated.

Following the Consecration the first Regular Meeting was held at the King Edward Hall, but this only continued until 14th September 1935 when the Lodge moved to Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street, London where it has remained ever since.

Lodge Name

The name St Mary at Finchley Lodge comes from St Mary at Finchley Church, and the Church is shown both on the Lodge Badge and in the enameling of the Past Masters Jewel. The connection between St Mary at Finchley Church and St Mary at Finchley Lodge rests with Stewart Frederick Lewis Bernays, Rector of the Church from 1924 to 1942 and the Founding Chaplain of St Mary at Finchley Lodge.

Lodge of Instruction

At the first Regular Meeting of the Lodge on 11th November 1933 it was proposed to grant a Warrant for a Lodge of Instruction. The following Regular Meeting on 13th January 1934 saw this carried unanimously by the Brethren.

At the meeting on 10th March 1934, the W.M. proposed and the Secretary seconded that the Lodge of Instruction shall use Taylor's Ritual. This was also carried unanimously.

Over the years St Mary at Finchley Lodge has been blessed with some excellent ritualists, and the Lodge of Instruction has played a key role in this.

With thanks to W.Bro. Melvyn Danciger, PGStB, PM, PAGDC