News From Our Lodge Secretary

We have received the attached letter from our Metropolitan Grand Inspector Alastair Redpath-Stevens. As masons, we are dedicated to helping each other and the wider world, and seeing how our fraternity is stepping up to meet the current crisis should make us all proud of being a member of this wonderful fraternity. I have emailed Alastair and thanked him for his letter and reminded him of the amusing incident that happened when he visited us a couple of years ago. It involved the Inner Guard, the door and the Met Grand Inspector trying to get in to the lodge. I'm hoping he might come and visit us again soon as part of my fiendish master plan to revive the fortunes of our wonderful lodge.
In other news, I was recently contacted by the grandson of a now deceased member and past master of the lodge J W Hickey. W. Bro. Hickey was master in the early 1960's and is remembered by W. Bro. Malcolm Leaf. The grandson, Mark Cuming, has a number of items of regalia from his grandfather's time in the lodge and for a small amount of money that a few of us are paying personally, we have secured those items as a donation to the lodge. It'll be nice to see them come home to us.
I have been in email contact with a potential joining member called Matthew Wilke. Matthew is currently living in South Africa but is relocating to London. This was meant to happen in April but of course has been delayed due to the virus. Matthew is going to be living in Hampstead Garden Suburb and reached out to us as Finchley is nearby. I'm hoping he'll join us when he does eventually get to the UK. He's a member of Lodge Southern Cross #398 (GLoS) and I'll have to find out how a member of a 'foreign' Grand Lodge can become a member of a UGLE lodge. I'd be grateful for any advice in this regard,
I'm staying in touch from time to time with Lester Kan, who should be our next initiate, and hopefully we can still bring him into the lodge in September if life is getting back to normal.
Please stay in touch Brethren either by email, our private Facebook page or our WhatsApp group. Have a look at the website and give some feedback to W. Bro. David Oddy.


Many of us belong to lodges outside of London and it would be interesting to know how other provinces are reacting to and helping with the Coronavirus crisis. I received this today from the premier province of Essex:

We are pleased to announce that the Trustees of the Essex Freemasons Community Fund have agreed a £20,000 Grant which will be used to purchase 5,000 PPE visors for hospitals and Care homes across the Province. We hope these will be in place in the next seven days
Once again Essex Freemasons making a difference where it matters. UGLE COVID -19 APPEAL

As you are now all aware, UGLE has through the Masonic Charitable Foundation launched a nationwide Appeal to help fight the Covid-19 outbreak - and to provide even further support for this incredible cause - will match fund up to £1 million on any donations it receives.

More than £100,000 has been allocated to our region to be spent at the discretion of local Freemasons, but we in turn must do our bit so my apologies for once again asking for your support, particularly at this difficult time.

The good news is that any money donated to the Covid-19 Appeal will immediately be credited to our Festival2022 target. This means that any money that you as individuals, or as Lodges or Chapters were intending to donate to the Festival can now be directed towards the UGLE Covid-19 campaign and it will still count.

When you make such a donation please ensure that you mention the names of Lodges and Chapters so that they can be credited as if they had donated to the Festival Appeal – ensuring that you will be helping the Province reach its target while at the same time ensuring that your money is going where it is most needed.

You can donate in a number of different ways:  • online by clicking this link: • By making a transfer from your Relief Chest using the Green Form to the MCF Relief Chest “COVID-19” Send your voucher to the MCF in the usual way • Use your Mobile to text Covid-19 to 70500 to donate £5 • Use a regular single donation form which can be obtained via your Charity Steward or downloaded via the CUBE using this link: Please ensure that you cross out Festival2022 and replace with Covid-19. It will still be credited to the Festival.

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March 21st 2020

Good morning Brethren

I hope you are all keeping healthy and not running out of essentials.

I thought I’d let you know that MetGL has issued this information:
With ALL masonic meetings suspended, there is no need to issue summonses for any upcoming meetings nor record anything in the minutes as abandonments are no longer required.
Hence I won’t be producing a summons for the now abandoned May meeting but will hold everything over until September.
Hopefully I’ll still be able to arrange for some of us to meet and interview Lester Kan before the meeting so that we can proceed with a ballot and an initiation in September. We’ll also need to discuss Colin’s successor and all of the offices.
In the meantime, please let’s stay in touch with one another during this difficult time and if there is anything I can do for anyone please let me know.