Lodge Almoner

The role of the Lodge Almoner is to be the “eyes and ears” of the Lodge, ensuring the welfare of its Members and of their widows and dependents. Responsibilities include:

• Keeping in touch
• Maintain regular contact with sick or distressed Lodge members
• Maintain regular contact with Lodge widows
• Making contact with families of recently deceased brethren.
• Being alert to the needs and problems of Lodge Members and their dependents;
• Being aware of the aims and activities of the main Masonic Charity and how to access the support it offers.
• Having a basic knowledge of the range of support available from the state and from non-Masonic charities (eg armed services charities) and how applicants can obtain specific advice
• Attend training and other events to keep up to date with developments affecting his responsibilities

 Providing support

• Make new Members welcome, in conjunction with the Proposer, Seconder and Lodge Mentor
• Ensure that members, partners and dependents are aware of what support may be available, particularly Masonic support
• Conduct visits and discussions with Members who may need support
• Assisting the Provincial Grand Almoner when required, e.g. with a request for visiting a Brother, widow or dependent from another area.

Record-keeping and reporting

• Maintain accurate records of all receipts and payments made
• Maintain records of all visits to Brethren, widows or other dependants
• Maintain a record of the names and contact details of Brethren, widows and dependants, including the details of widows and dependants of resigned or excluded brethren.
• Report on the above to the Members at each Lodge meeting, while preserving due confidentiality.

In addition to the above, a good Almoner will make himself aware of happier events such as birthdays, births and special wedding anniversaries so that the Lodge can send appropriate greetings.

To perform this role the Almoner will need to possess considerable tact, courtesy, discretion, patience and humour, together with a sympathetic disposition, a commitment to helping people, and time and energy to devote to the benefit of Lodge Members and their dependents. Poverty is not an easy thing to admit to. Health worries are often kept hidden. It is often painful to admit to others what may seem to be a failure and an inability to cope. Confidentiality and a caring approach can be the key to relieving those worries.
The office is one that benefits from continuity and it is suggested that a term of five years is generally appropriate.

Our Lodge Almoner is: W. Bro. M. H. Bilmen, SLGR, PM, PPDepGReg (RA Essex)

He can be contacted HERE