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MENTOR | St Mary at Finchley

The Lodge Mentor

Masonic Mentoring

One of the first things told to the Candidate at the start of the Initiation Ceremony is that he can “
follow your leader with a firm but humble confidence”. The work of the Mentor is to be the new Mason’s guide, leader and coach once the ceremony has finished – to explain not only the workings, traditions and organisation of our Institution, but also to lift the veil of allegory and reveal the meaning behind the symbols so that the new mason can enjoy and understand the organisation that he has joined.

Mentoring schemes put personal Masonic development at the heart of Freemasonry, promoting the lifelong development of every Freemason by providing informed, accessible support materials whilst recommending the most effective personal Mentoring arrangements.

Mentoring underpins the retention of brethren as active Members and helps reduce the overall decline in membership.

The Lodge Mentor?
As Lodge Mentor it is important that I establish a special relationship between the new Mason and myself.

The Candidate’s Proposer will obviously work close to the Candidate 'mentoring' on a day to day basis, but it is my task to ensure that the Candidate is progressing correctly, and has the training and knowledge required. I liaise with Proposers closely and constantly review the Candidates progress.

As well as ensuring the above the Proposer will introduce the new Mason to his friends in the Lodge and immediately increase his circle of friends. The Proposer is normally a similar age to the Candidate so it is possible that the Proposer may himself have only become a Mason quite recently, and so may not have the in-depth knowledge to fulfill this task. This is where I, as the Lodge Mentor, can assist greatly and indeed is one of my main tasks.

I will post on a regular basis as Sub Menus of this page Articles, Information and suggested links designed to help the Candidate increase his daily knowledge. I will always be available to help and advise and have regular discussions with Proposers and Candidates alike.

It is important that all Members have the allegorical aspect of Freemasonry explained fully and encouragement given to all Candidates to '
seek the light'.