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Cost | St Mary at Finchley

St Mary at Finchley Lodge Subscriptions - 2014

Annual Subscription - £155.00

Country Membership - £105.00 per annum.

Subscriptions will be reduced by £30.00 per annum if paid by the November meeting for the relevant year, or if a payment plan is agreed with the Treasurer.

Joining Freemasonry

Costs vary from Lodge to Lodge but anyone wishing to join can find a Lodge to suit his pocket.

On entry, there is an initiation fee which at present is £75.00 and an apron to buy. A member pays an annual subscription to his Lodge (see above) which covers his membership and the administrative cost of running the Lodge.

It is usual to have a meal after the meeting; which is paid for at the time. You must book your meal in advance of the meeting.

It is entirely up to the individual member what he gives to Charity, but it should always be without detriment to his other responsibilities. Similarly, he may join as many Lodges as his time and pocket can allow as long as it does not adversely affect his family life and responsibilities.