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COMMUNICATIONS | St Mary at Finchley


Time until our next Lodge meeting. If you would like to visit please contact The Lodge Secretary.

We would love to meet and greet you and you would be made most welcome.


With the introduction of the Official Visitor Scheme, our first Official Visitor on 9th March 1985 was W. Bro. Jack Dribbell. He was followed on 14th March 1987 by W. Bro. Michael Mullally.

On 12th March 1994 we received W. Bro. Brian Edwick who joined us on several occasions. He went on to become Provincial Grand Master for Wiltshire, a well deserved honor.

On 13th September 1997 we had the pleasure of welcoming W. Bro. David Latchford who has been a regular visitor ever since, and has endeared himself to all the Brethren.

During the War, the records show we entertained a great number of overseas Brethren, and over the years our visitors have come from the four quarters of the globe.